What should I Bring?

  1. Polarized sunglasses (to help you see in the water)
  2. Sunblock if sunny outside
  3. Camera to take pictures
  4. Rain jacket
  5. Snacks at you’re your own discretion
  6. Change of clothes (just in case)
  7. NC fishing license (Purchase Here)
  8. Positive smile on your face ready to learn and have fun

What should I wear?

Depending upon the season you will need to dress appropriately. Fall, winter and early spring we suggest warmer clothing depending on the weather forecast. We suggest long johns or some other insulated pant to keep warm and dry. You should expect to layer according to the temperature. In the warmer months you can wear shorts or a bathing suit or some type of quick dry pants if you feel so inclined. We would suggest some type of water shoe to wet wade in.

What kind of license will I need?

You will need a valid North Carolina fishing license. You may purchase this license online at the following link (Purchase NC Trout License Here), or at any sporting goods store, fly shop, or local Walmart.

Do I need a camera?

This is totally up to you, most people use their cell phones, however we suggest that you have a waterproof case if you are going to take your cell phone into the river. In some cases your guide may take pictures with his camera and send them to you. This is solely based on each guides discretion.

Is food provided?

Currently due to COVID-19 we will not be providing food for full day trips. This policy is in effect until further notice. You are welcome to bring snacks, food and drinks of your choice.

Should I expect to tip the guide?

Tips are not mandatory, however they are greatly appreciated. Feel free to tip your guide accordingly.